About Us

"Curiosity leads to tinkering, discovery, and finding new ways to solve old problems." —Jay Hancock, founder

TipperHut was founded to curate and share the best solutions we've discovered and continue to use. We appreciate clever ideas solved by well-designed products that enhance the experience. Let us share our favorite products with you!

A Quorte: When you're curious, you find lots of interesting things to do! Walt Disney

Founder's Story

When I was younger, I used to read "How Things Work" books with my father. I was always fascinated by how clever a lock mechanism was, or how knives were honed and sharpened to cut things.

I also assisted my grandfather's company in the construction of houses, woodworking, and general carpentry. Hands-on experience with tools and all of the tricks that tradespeople use to solve an endless supply of problems convinced me that no problem could not be solved better with the right tool or gadget and the proper technique.

In college, I launched a payload I designed with a small engineering team on a NASA rocket. My wildest dreams came true!

I experimented with various hobbies and experiences in order to learn and enjoy life. Gardening, woodworking, ham radio, aviation, home ownership, beekeeping, repairing my own vehicles, and living with pets are just a few of my hobbies. I enjoy a wide range of activities and want to share what I've learned with others.

NASA rocket launch Nike Orien two stage SPECTRE project in 2001

TipperHut's Secret to Curating Clever Solutions

Looking across disciplines is the key to curating better products. A kitchen idea can lead to a better woodworking tool. A cool idea can come from NASA, as well as beekeeping.

And I despise products that fall apart immediately. My favorite tools are originals that have stood the test of time.

Combining the durability of an old tool with a clever new idea is a challenge that we strive for so that you can have high-quality products that will last for years.

Happy Lifelong Tinkering and Learning!

—Jay Hancock, founder

The founder Jay Hancock working on building an airplane helping a teenager